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Three World Record Fish caught on the Fly with Flying SoHo Guide Service in Tennessee

Looking for a fishing experience that combines the thrill of record-breaking catches with the beauty of East Tennessee's waters? Look no further than Flying SoHo Guide Service.

Jason McReynolds, owner of Flying SoHo, and his wife Christy have a reputation for breaking world records and creating unforgettable memories for their clients. Their impressive record includes the hybrid all-length record on the fly (previously held), the striper all-length record on the fly, and the brown trout all-length record (which they've broken multiple times).

Lets take a closer look at each of our world records...

Hybrid Bass All Length Record (Previously Held):

Flying SoHo Guide Service once held the hybrid all-length record on the fly with a catch measuring 24 3/4 inches. While the record has since been broken, it's a testament to the fishery we get to call home, and our expertise of these waters.

Striper All Length Record (Still Holding):

Flying SoHo Guide Service currently holds the striper all-length record on the fly with a massive 36-inch catch. This record-breaking catch is a testament to the skill and expertise of the guides at Flying SoHo.

Brown Trout All Length Record:

We first set the brown trout all-length record with a catch measuring 25.5 inches. However, we tentatively broke our own record in recent weeks with a monster 27 inch fish. We are waiting on the official validation from the IGFA.

Records are great, but to us every fish is a trophy & we love getting to share our passion with others!

When you book a trip with Flying SoHo, you're not just getting a chance to break records, but you're also getting a chance to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a first-timer, the guides at Flying SoHo will make sure you have a fun and rewarding experience on the water.

We hope you will join us for your next trip to the South Holston or Watauga River in Tennessee.


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