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Conservation on the South Holston & Watauga River: Our Commitment at Flying SoHo

As a native of this region, I care deeply about preserving the rivers and streams that are such an important part of our community. These waters are in my home, and I was born here. That's why I believe it's crucial that we do everything in our power to preserve them for future generations.

We are so fortunate to have incredible fisheries like the Watagua and South Holston River as our sister tailgaters. These rivers provide a vital source of income for many in our community, including myself, and I feel a duty to preserve them.

That's why I am passionate about being on Tailwater Round Up committee. Every year we put on the Tailwater Round Up event preserve our fishery. During this event, we use boats to clean up the river as we go downstream. It has grown into something phenomenal, and I am proud to be a part of it. I am also a member of the Blue Ridge Guide Association which does great work in our area for conservation.

In 2020, I started my own annual Boat Ramp Clean Up, and I believe that every cleanup that takes place on these waters is a part of the greater effort to preserve our natural resources.

At Flying SoHo Guide Service, we treat the fish as our partners.

Personally, I don't believe in fishing reds. We would have one of the best fisheries in the world if we could all stop fishing reds. We are hunting for 30-inch fish, and we want those fish to be there for the next guy. These fish are living creatures, and it's our responsibility to treat them with respect.

That's why we teach our clients to wet their hands when handling fish, and to hold their breath and put the fish back in the water if they feel uncomfortable. It's the guide's responsibility to teach proper fish handling and conservation to clients so that we can have a great fishery for generations to come.

In the end, conservation is about more than just protecting the environment. It's about preserving the cultural and economic heritage of our community. I believe that we all have a responsibility to do our part to preserve the natural world for future generations, and that's something that we take seriously at Flying SoHo Guide Service.


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